In Our Room

by Cardio Pulmonary

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released October 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Cardio Pulmonary Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Plastic Eyes
Hey, I can see your moves
I can see you walk in every room
Documented, it's a matter of fact

Plastic Eyes
Track Name: The Pulsing City
I feel the pulsing city
It's heart is pumping steady
Pushing cars in people
Like cells through an artery

I feel the pulsing city
The nervous system of electricity
I can feel it breathing
It's pulse is never seizing

I will let you know

I feel the pulsing city
There's no need to save me
All the fire is burning
Someday you shall see me
Track Name: Do I Need a Reason
You may try to prove to yourself
That you exist as someone else
You are here and you are there
Standing still and everywhere

Do I need a reason to be someone anyone
Do I need a reason to be something anything

You have a voice that you might sing
a wave describing everything
Track Name: LNRI1D0

Its easier when you can count on yourself
Its easier when no one looks at you

Track Name: Transfiguration
Someday I'll change

All things are spilling out
A moan becomes a shout
I will become again
I will become again
Track Name: Voyagers on the Smoothest Ocean
There are some things I'd need to tell you
About the way that you make me feel
I know I'll see you down the river
And how you'll look, I just don't know

My only enemy is time
What all is gone is mine
What all is gone is fine
All I need is time

I'd like to think we'll stay together
Even though it seems just so far
Imperfections become undone
Cuz your safe inside of me

Whats left to find out
Is out now
What's left to know is fine now
All I need is all i need is
Track Name: I Change
Eyes shimmer a gold river
Eyes shimmer a joyous window they are
Peer into a new window
Shifting star patterned bliss they are

I change and you're changing uh huh
I wait for your return uh huh

Let's go out and find our course
Let the world breathe let the world breathe in

I'm waiting I love you
I'm waiting like a plant waits for the sun
Track Name: She's Painting Pictures
Hanging from the bottom rung
She said I have a sharp tongue
Need to give her some space
Need to find a better place

She's painting pictures again
She's painting pictures of me

I know it feels like you are dying
We've both been lying
Track Name: The Belly of God
Dream the most infinite dream
Dream the most infinite dream
The one where you are in the belly of god
The one where you are in everything

See with a million eyes
See with a billion eyes
May all that we make become what we are
Because we create everything
Track Name: Overexposed
I see the things you have made
And I have been numbed by it
I have been overexposed
And I cannot feel from it
Track Name: Epicurean
Listen to the moan of the feral beast
Thoughts of divine flesh is evoking bliss

In his lap the cornucopia is overflowing
He bids ritual ecstasy, he summons rapturous delight

A naive caress starts a chain effect
Waves of energy set the captive free

It began with growls of corporal hunger
It will end with tropic of sensuality supreme
Track Name: What I Should've Been
I see your face fading inside of me
It's hard to recall, from a memory, a memory

I know I was not what I've shoud've been
You must know I'd live me again

I see your face as angelic today, as it was back then
as it was back then